Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I thought we moved past this

A news story from, which describes a case about a gang-rape victim suing her school after being forced to sit her exams isolated from her class-mates has my blood boiling.

The school's barrister, Ian Harrison SC, cross-examined the former Tara student, asking her to describe the clothes she was wearing on the night of the alleged rape.

She said she was wearing a floral skirt that covered her knees and a white camisole top when she left her hotel with two school friends to go to a night-fair in the social hub of Sorrento.

Mr Harrison also questioned her dress code during an outing in more recent times, as he showed her photographs of her on a bar stool.

"To sit on a bar stool ... with a skirt as short as that takes a lot of confidence," Mr Harrison said.

This is outrageous and unbelievable! A barrister taking a line of questioning intended to pin blame for any wrong on the victim!

Behaviour of this kind, on the part of the barrister, is reprehensible and medieval. The barrister is basically saying "she asked for it". The attitude of the school is just as bad. Entirely without remorse or contrition, or even acknowledgement that perhaps they acted improperly or callously.

I'm furious.


  • At December 01, 2004 12:45 pm, Blogger DoyouneedalittleJenn said…

    I am absolutely flabbergasted! If wearing a skirt to your knees and sitting on a bar stool are cause for getting raped than I am a flat out whore and deserved to be raped on multiple occassions. Where do people get these ideas in their heads? As if men have no responsibility to control themselves! Ridiculous!


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