Sunday, December 05, 2004


The 2004 Best Blogs awards are up, and you can vote (and vote often!).

I recommend you vote for either Darp or ms fits. However, in order to maximise their chances of winning (over Tim Blair), only vote for one each day, rather than one or the other, since there are no preferences to flow.

Bear in mind also that Tim Blair is sitting at some 60% of the vote, and Darp is unfortunately at the bottom. ms fits is probably the better option, although she is on 0.3%. A Blair victory is almost certain, unless there is a sudden left surge (lefties tend to vote late, which in this case, since you can vote multiple times, gives the right a big advantage).

The poll closes on 12 December.


Darp seems to be running third. I therefore recommend that you all vote for Darp, to increase his chances to win.

(Via GuruAnn.)


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