Thursday, December 02, 2004

What a shame

There are two points to this entry (although there was originally going to be one).

The results of the Moreland City Council election is available (and has been since Monday), of particular interest are those of the South Ward.


CONNELLAN, Josephine (1st Elected)


CAPUTO, Joe (2nd Elected)


PRYOR, Alice (3rd Elected)

I am concerned that Jo Connellan was the first elected, since she is a Green, and got almost 4,000 votes, about 800 more than Joe Caputo, the re-elected Labor councillor.

In any case, with quota sitting at 25%, Alice got over the line on preferences.

Which is the second point. The person Alice knocked out was none other than Lambros Tapinos, National Union of Students Welfare Officer, and senior member of Student Unity.

Sunday was a gleeful day.


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