Monday, January 31, 2005

Gunn and Gone

I attended the packed-out supreme court investigation of MUSUi (in liquidation) today, as John Gunn, former CEO of MUSU, took the stand.

It was a hard hitting, rivetting and thoroughly edge-of-the-seat expose into the financial dodgy-dealings of Ray, Crawford and Cass in 2002-3, with an entire forest worth of evidence in literally hundreds of binders and folders of papers, emails, minutes and records.


Okay. It was pretty boring, and little of the information that came to light was a surprise, since we already knew most of it.

Brent, formerly of MUSU, was there and may have an update regarding it, putting the connections between Gunn and Sherriff, Cass and Ray, and the infamous Ubar deal in the spotlight.

The downside of my high-falutin jet-setting courtside dilettantism is that when I got home, my palmpilot went and had a brain-paroxysm, necessitating a hard-reset. Thankfully, I was able to restore all the backed-up info on my laptop. However, a recent recording I made, some 50 minutes worth, was lost, since I hadn't backed it up yet. Damnit!


Brent's entry on the court hearing (now yesterday) reminded me of an interesting tidbit to do with John Gunn's contract, drawn up, presumably, by Darren Ray and Peter Marchenko (although anyone feel free to correct me), which included a clause granting Gunn a fully maintained car that would revert to Gunn in the event of him leaving the job for any reason. He ended up with a $36,000 car. When he left, with his large payout, he kept the car.

Isn't it nice of Darren and Scott to spend our money so freely on their political chums?


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