Friday, January 21, 2005

I Endorse Tillops for Labor Leader

It is a time for unity and solidarity. The only person who can bring this to the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party is strong-man Tillops.
But let me just say this, people often complain that Labor is drifting too far to the right of the political spectrum. To that I say, if you want to see a strong left-wing ALP that's not afraid to engage in class warfare, support the disadvantaged, tax the rich, brutalise multinationals and stick it to the arselickers at each and every Question Time, then you too share the dream of a Tillops Labor government.
I entirely endorse Tillops for position of Leader of the Federal Australian Labor Party.

He is the right person for the job and will be a uniter, not a divider.

Like many others in the FPLP, I am working as hard as I can do ensure that come ballot day, he has the numbers.


Numbers For Tillops:

ms fits

The Sherrif

Red Rob

Agent FareEvader


Alex White

Buck Fudd



Numbers Against Tillops:

Liam "Rooster Ramjet" Hogan


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