Saturday, January 29, 2005

Of Comics and Beazers

While the clock counts down to the Wednesday deadline, I decided to whip this up, after a discussion at the Young Labor Left function at Trades Hall last night. Jenny Macklin and Brain Daley (Vic ALP President and Secretary of the Vic LHMU) gave brief talks to a crowd of about seventy or so people, then took questions.

After having a few words with Jenny about the re-ascent of Big Kim, I then debated with a friend Howard's likely agenda.

(I should thank the Governor General, for putting me on to Photobucket. Cheers Sedgwick! Comics and other illustrations will continue as normal.)

Anyway, Jenny was predictably close-mouthed about Beazers; her most insightful comment is one that gives me considerable concern. The ALP leadership ballot effectively took place over the course of a few weeks, rather than five minutes in the Canberra caucus room. Jenny questioned the need to stand or contest a ballot when the outcome was already known.

Another friend of mine at the YLL function later retorted "democracy is divisive". I have to agree with the irony. It indicates something is wrong in the state of the FPLP if anything but an uncontested ballot indicates treachery, disunity or dissent. It was clear prior to the uncontested ballot on Friday that there were at least three "camps". A ballot tends to release tension, give "mandates" and share power between factions (in the case of multi-member ballots). Since there was no ballot, no tension in the FPLP has been released, and is just as potentially divisive as under the post-election loss Latham. (This is not to say that ballots always resolve things-- it was famously not the case under Simon Crean.)

Jenny seemed upbeat about the future. I have to say that Beazers may be the person to "unify" the party, but since he and his party backers surround themselves with poll-driven advisors, as soon as there is a slip in popularity, it could be all over.

The ALP has three years in opposition with a government that controls both Houses. This is a three year opportunity to be the opposition we are always supposed to be.

(With thanks to Comrade Hogan.)


Which reminds me. Anyone that wants to either post/copy any of my comics for their own blog, or for any purpose at all, feel free, so long as you leave my little "aw 2005" on the image.


  • At January 30, 2005 11:48 am, Blogger Marcel said…

    'Women's Rights' is a euphemism for abortion on demand and lesbian IVF. Why is it that the Left uses obstructive rhetorical techniques when talking about pet issues? It is probably because without deception and sleight of hand, the kook Left would lose all support from their own blue collar socially conservative labour base (well they almost have anyway).


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