Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Shittest Thing Ever

"If you make your way to North Melbourne Station, I'll pick you up."

"North Melbourne? Isn't Footscray closer?"

"North Melbourne is fine, not Footscray."

"Okay, I'll sms you when I get to North Melbourne."

"See you then."


Immediately after I send an sms saying "I'm at North Melbourne now", my phone's battery stops working. "That's okay," I think, "he know's I'm at North Melbourne."


An hour and a half later, I'm back at home, listening to four voice mail messages.

"I got your sms, so I'll see you at Footscray in five minutes."

"I'm waiting at Footscray. Where are you?"

"Call me. I'm under the footbridge."

"Obviously our plans went awry. Call me on #."


Shittest Thing Ever.


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