Sunday, February 27, 2005

I saw the news today, oh boy

Last night, after an exhausting O-Week and lacklustre Saturday, I listened to News Radio's coverage of the Westralian election.

At about 11:30, Collin Barnett conceded, with a rather curmudgeonly speech (win media) in which he reluctantly took responsibility for the Liberal's failure.

I missed Dr Gallop's victory speech, since I nodded off at about midnight, but I woke up at 1AM to hear the good news.
Western Australian Premier Geoff Gallop has claimed victory in state election, saying education and training will be the main focus of his second term.

The Labor Party is predicted to hold 32 seats in the new Parliament to the Liberals' 18 as voters abandon the party in several key outer metropolitan marginal seats.
I cannot express my relief at the success of the WA Labor Party. After the dismall Federal Election, and polls in WA indicating that Gallop was heading towards being a single-term government, this victory cements the viability of the ALP as party able to lead and govern.

The showing of the Greens, with a primary vote of some 7% or so, also indicates to me that they are still little more than a party of protest-voters, although the Nationals, with a mere 3.5% managed to get 5 seats! The gerrymandering of the WA electorates are no doubt responsible for that.

Westralia is so far away that most of the election campaign barely registered; I caught the occasional Liberal fuck-up (ie, canal & costings) on News Radio and the ABC, but beyond that, my only exposure was on Kick & Scream. I suspect to some extent, I was all electioned out, after the Federal Election, two local council elections that I participated in, and the student union elections. State elections also feel to me like big local council elections: they are often myopic or concerned with "backyard" issues, which I am inevitably bored by.

Congratulations to all my WA Labor comrades. It was a victory you deserved.


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